I've had a Roggi wireless mouse…

RP is good ah – once again verified the accuracy of RP conservation law… My poor claw machine T.T

That day to my website to install a JiaThis, just met the friend recommended to engage in activities – hand-stamped, today sent an e-mail that I won the lottery, want me to reply to the mailing address

But these two things are too far apart… T.T

I'm sure the RP will explode!!

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Daquan (including Microsoft's official Chinese version)

A thousand calls are coming out, and a preview of Windows 8 CP customers is finally here. Change Windows, one person, one world, one machine, one Bodhi. Win8 is a new opportunity for people to re-understand computers and will change all that.

Windows 8 brings a whole new user experience: the Vanishing Start button (will you get used to it?). ), a new Metro start-up screen that's fast to power on, longer battery life, and less memory usage.

Plus, when the Windows Store officially opens, one account can roam user-friendly settings, walk the cloud with SkyDrive, easily restore/reset your PC, and more, all waiting for your discovery.

2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft keynote speech came.

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With Facebook there's wood!

Look at the few friends who are not dead……

With Facebook there's wood!

Twitter is okay, too!!!

And isn't Google Plus directly enough? Is it swollen, everyone has wood?!?!?!

It may not be true that the products of the natural dynasty are rich and ???

It's the New Year today

So yesterday I knew yesterday wasn't a little year…

Today is the new year…

I don't know if there will be a god horse activity at night….

Division Of the Army Training

Loyal Chinese communist fighters, excellent members of the Communist Youth League of China, excellent young people who have been tested,

All freshmen in the 2011 class attached to Hunan University, at 9:30 a.m. on August 22, 2011,

In Ningxiang………………….

Military training…

Hey, hey

All kinds of falsehoods do no Read More.

Now in Changsha to test driver's license on the road as a traffic guide station half a day off!

Crossing the road today, I found two traffic guides standing across the road, a closer look, or two young boys. Think again, no, it's not all 娭毑 before? Why are there two young men here?

Out of curiosity, I went up and asked. Don't ask don't know, ask startled…

One of them said they were test driver's license, I heard, also thought he committed something on the road was fined here to stand guard

He went on to say that now in Changsha to test driver's license, in the pile test before all have to stand on the road for half a day to go to the exam

Changsha Municipal Government this trick is really wonderful! It's gone! It's better to create a civilized city than to pay a persuader or worry that no one wants to be a persuader…

Don't hang QQ anymore…

Today inadvertently found that

QQ level of 1 active day, as long as full 2 hours even if,

Even if you hang up Q for a full 24 hours, it's only one day…

TNND… Don't hang QQ anymore… T_T

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