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Written when leaving Huawei

In 2018, under the dual effect of his confusion and some false information, he lost his arm with the graduate student. Not willing to pure Gap for a year or two, coupled with the real situation of the industry great curiosity, catch up with the tail of the spring trick, took a few small companies of the written examination interview practice, then began to try the big factory.

Fortunately, when several other large companies have no spring recruitment at all, I successfully passed Huawei's written test and interview, had to say that the experience of the university in the network association or help a lot.

However, under the asymmetry of information and the gimmick of a department hr, I was assosted to a department to do switch systems for cloud computing research and development engineers. And on the first day of employment to see specific department information only to find that was fooled, so the same day with the department's hr to transfer requirements, and began to find their own internal forums and other channels to really do cloud computing departments. With the mentality of not letting the transfer to leave, after a month of approval by leaders at all levels, finally transferred to Huawei Cloud, do what they feel they still prefer.

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It's exam week again, it's nplive again

Last year's exam week because to live late autumn songs will be poured out for several days, when the new version of the service selected is Adobe Media Service, this thing, is cattle forced, but, have to buy, take the online key activated, very chicken ribs. So last autumn in order to stabilize, the old set of Microsoft MMS is not abandoned, the scene is still pushed to MMS, and then in the engine room to get a notebook open MMS video and then screen capture and then push to AMS …

This year's graduation party, took a live job, but also exam week… Every exam nplive… This time it can't be the wa Read More.

Write something to commemorate the completion of the blog decoration

Always want to make the blog look a little better, has not squeezed out time to do a good time.

While there is still some time to go before the next exam, it took nearly 3 days to create a satisfactory interface.

WordPress, the least lack of themes and plug-ins of an open source program, but I do not know whether Baidu is too silly or Google do not understand me, turned over nearly a hundred pages to try dozens of can not find a satisfactory. Later do not know where to see a sentence – "good themes are their own slowly changed out." So I started a three-d Read More.

Enable the new domain name

Godaddy's domain name in the past compared to the domestic what wannet new network, but also cheap and not so a lot of messy authentication, but also the world's largest domain name, so decisively chose Godaddy. And now, the price of wannet new network is no longer high, and Chinese do to Chinese to see the site or should follow the domestic process, CDN, Baidu Alliance and so on these things need to file number, so … All the domain names under Godaddy were transferred back to Wannet, and another was registered.

I've had a Roggi wireless mouse…

RP is good ah – once again verified the accuracy of RP conservation law… My poor claw machine T.T

That day to my website to install a JiaThis, just met the friend recommended to engage in activities – hand-stamped, today sent an e-mail that I won the lottery, want me to reply to the mailing address

But these two things are too far apart… T.T

I'm sure the RP will explode!!

With Facebook there's wood!

Look at the few friends who are not dead……

With Facebook there's wood!

Twitter is okay, too!!!

And isn't Google Plus directly enough? Is it swollen, everyone has wood?!?!?!

It may not be true that the products of the natural dynasty are rich and ???

It's the New Year today

So yesterday I knew yesterday wasn't a little year…

Today is the new year…

I don't know if there will be a god horse activity at night….

Division Of the Army Training

Loyal Chinese communist fighters, excellent members of the Communist Youth League of China, excellent young people who have been tested,

All freshmen in the 2011 class attached to Hunan University, at 9:30 a.m. on August 22, 2011,

In Ningxiang………………….

Military training…

Hey, hey

All kinds of falsehoods do no Read More.

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