Division Of the Army Training

Loyal Chinese communist fighters, excellent members of the Communist Youth League of China, excellent young people who have been tested,

All freshmen in the 2011 class attached to Hunan University, at 9:30 a.m. on August 22, 2011,

In Ningxiang………………….

Military training…

Hey, hey

All kinds of falsehoods do not say birds, directly above the picture

——————————– gorgeous split line————————————

Now it's time to twist the dormitory…

RP good children's shoes live in the dormitory like the hotel, 3-4 people a room 、、、 LCD TV and separate bathroom… (Pictured…)

RP in general, is to live in the ordinary upper and lower bunks of the kind of dormitory (pictured… )

As for the RP's lost… The dormitory is about the same as the picture above, but !!!!

Wood has a balcony… (It doesn't matter)

The point is!!!

Some students want 2 people to squeeze a bed!!!!!

My RP is a lost… T-T

———————'s gorgeously split again——————–

Military training art show, we did a pressure axis play (the penultimate one – the last one is the same song )

It's a skit called "The Military Training Thing."

One of the most classic is to imitate the battalion commander's speech, the sound is almost identical, so that more than a thousand people under the stage thought that the station is the battalion commander…

There is also a foot on the military car plot – a classmate stepped on the foot of another classmate, the classmate scolded: Why do you put your foot on my foot! Another classmate said: Go to yours, my father is Li Gang (in Changde). The classmate retorted, "I don't believe it!" Then we shouted behind them, "Believe it or not, I believe it anyway!" "

Plus change 3 in the comfort milk and so on a series of funny things, the whole scene laughed over.

The next day was praised by the head of the regiment… (The battalion commander didn't go to the show, the regiment leader saw it, the battalion commander "praised"… )

Just nag so much

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