Write something to commemorate the completion of the blog decoration

Always want to make the blog look a little better, has not squeezed out time to do a good time.

While there is still some time to go before the next exam, it took nearly 3 days to create a satisfactory interface.

WordPress, the least lack of themes and plug-ins of an open source program, but I do not know whether Baidu is too silly or Google do not understand me, turned over nearly a hundred pages to try dozens of can not find a satisfactory. Later do not know where to see a sentence – "good themes are their own slowly changed out." So I started a three-day appointment with the code.

First look for a topic that I still think can be, open its source code to find that it is actually a non-mainstream (perhaps too high-end I do not understand), style.css inside nothing but comments, it took a lot of effort to find hidden in the depths of that main.css…. (Show the lower IQ limit again…)

This guy can't add a background map in the background, that's not possible, so he manually adds a background-image, and he supports customization in the back office of wordpress. A good idea was found in a preview of a topic – a mathematical draft paper with a square as a background, but Baidu and Google's map failed to find me the original picture. So, write one yourself?! No, it's going to die when it's full of so much! So began to piece together the east and west, all kinds of small mathematical notes all ps to a picture, and then add a layer of squares, ok to get the background done.

Also found that this goods can not be added to the record number, as a law-abiding citizen of the Tian Dynasty how can not write the record number? How can a program ape tolerate changing the record number and moving the code? Of course not, so in the background to add a place to write the filing number, the front-end footer added a php function is so happy to do.

It feels like it's always a little weird, well, the user experience is so bad that the mouse doesn't even have the effect of dry Baba, so I'm going to change the effect animation. Open main.css to take a closer look, all the code is crowded in the first line, without a space and line changes. Well, then I go directly to the Internet to find a good css to add in, but Baidu Google still does not seem to understand me (or I ask too high 2333), well pure handwriting. First add an effect to the nav navigation bar, then hyperlinks, and finally the site title… From color selection to trying different implementations, there are browser compatibility issues that have to be considered (don't look if you're using IE10 or less) and adaptive issues with your phone… It's hard, but it's finally over. (Most of these effects can only be seen when you use the mouse on your computer, and the touch screen on your phone may not be quite available)

Finally looked at the about page, or when I was a child just learned how to write when I added that string of Copyright…. Looks so ashamed… Decisively changed, but also by the opportunity to write about content to think about what kind of person they want to be. Transfer door → (door)

As I prepared to write this commemorative essay, I found that I had forgotten the function of syncing to a social platform. So I went to find a few plug-ins synced to Weibo, either useless or 502 bad gateway, do you want me to learn Sina's oauth interface? ok At present it seems that I have finished my studies.

The current account is generally written, and I hope to eventually become the person I want to be, as the about page says.

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