Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download Daquan (including Microsoft's official Chinese version)

A thousand calls are coming out, and a preview of Windows 8 CP customers is finally here. Change Windows, one person, one world, one machine, one Bodhi. Win8 is a new opportunity for people to re-understand computers and will change all that.

Windows 8 brings a whole new user experience: the Vanishing Start button (will you get used to it?). ), a new Metro start-up screen that's fast to power on, longer battery life, and less memory usage.

Plus, when the Windows Store officially opens, one account can roam user-friendly settings, walk the cloud with SkyDrive, easily restore/reset your PC, and more, all waiting for your discovery.

2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft keynote speech came.

Win8 Screenshot:

Win8 Consumer Preview download address has been released:

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