Written when leaving Huawei

In 2018, under the dual effect of his confusion and some false information, he lost his arm with the graduate student. Not willing to pure Gap for a year or two, coupled with the real situation of the industry great curiosity, catch up with the tail of the spring trick, took a few small companies of the written examination interview practice, then began to try the big factory.

Fortunately, when several other large companies have no spring recruitment at all, I successfully passed Huawei's written test and interview, had to say that the experience of the university in the network association or help a lot.

However, under the asymmetry of information and the gimmick of a department hr, I was assosted to a department to do switch systems for cloud computing research and development engineers. And on the first day of employment to see specific department information only to find that was fooled, so the same day with the department's hr to transfer requirements, and began to find their own internal forums and other channels to really do cloud computing departments. With the mentality of not letting the transfer to leave, after a month of approval by leaders at all levels, finally transferred to Huawei Cloud, do what they feel they still prefer.

All said that new employees to start from the bottom, but not long after joining the job to participate in a project research and development and in a short period of time quickly online, a great sense of achievement let me feel that the original desperate decision to transfer is the right.

The department is the innovation department, involved in a wide range of technologies, programming language alone, within a year of entry has written Java / Python / Go / C / compilation, and all require rapid start-up into development, feel that the individual learning ability requirements are still quite high, and then began to take charge of Spark-related work, at first more satisfied with the job.

And in the second half of 19 years, gradually realized that the department is a heavy doctor's place, the recent sense of work responsible for achievement has not been too strong, coupled with a public chores and a long time unmoved salary, let me make up my mind to go to further education. Even if IELTS expires and needs to be re-tested, and is scheduled for the same month as the online schedule, it will eventually come with a hard scalp. Finally contributed to today.

Sometimes glad that their goals and directions have been relatively clear, will not be too much tangle in the general direction, not to have a lot of changes to consume limited energy. Sometimes also found that I am really a very shy person, if they have identified or made up their minds, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles to strive to achieve. Sometimes find themselves in the face of reality will not be too discouraged, the next major decision can also calm down as soon as possible according to the current situation to draw a mind map to calculate the weight of each factor, choose an optimal solution out.

In the 711 days of Huawei, whether it is technology or workplace ability has a relatively large progress and accumulation, more real experience of the real situation in the industry, of course, there are lucky for Huawei Cloud to make their own contribution. Wishing Huawei well across this difficult time.

Also hope that in the days to come, can continue to maintain a clear mind, even if there will be twists and turns, but also step by step to achieve their ideal state of life.

August 7, 2020

Zhongguancun Environmental Science and Technology Park, Haidian District, Beijing

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