Written when leaving Huawei

In 2018, under the dual effect of his confusion and some false information, he lost his arm with the graduate student. Not willing to pure Gap for a year or two, coupled with the real situation of the industry great curiosity, catch up with the tail of the spring trick, took a few small companies of the written examination interview practice, then began to try the big factory.

Fortunately, when several other large companies have no spring recruitment at all, I successfully passed Huawei's written test and interview, had to say that the experience of the university in the network association or help a lot.

However, under the asymmetry of information and the gimmick of a department hr, I was assosted to a department to do switch systems for cloud computing research and development engineers. And on the first day of employment to see specific department information only to find that was fooled, so the same day with the department's hr to transfer requirements, and began to find their own internal forums and other channels to really do cloud computing departments. With the mentality of not letting the transfer to leave, after a month of approval by leaders at all levels, finally transferred to Huawei Cloud, do what they feel they still prefer.

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MySQL data engine InnoDB and MyISAM convert each other

MySQL (or Community Open Source Fork's MariaDB) 5.5 or more supports the InnoDB engine as the default database engine. InnoDB brings a lot of improvements, but significantly increases the use of system resources.
Previously attached alumni return to the official website by DDOS hung up the database once, and then because of a small plug-in led to the database hung up again, query logs found that the memory is too high, InnoDB allocated memory and then led to the entire database shutdown.
In the absence of a temporary plan to upgrade the server and the traffic is not large necessary for InnoDB, it was decided to cut the entire site database back to the old and strong MyISAM.

Ps. If the memory does not have 1G do not play MySQL5.6 plus, memory 512M or below just hang a WordPress honest and practical MyISAM. Memory is exactly 1G but there are several things running and occasionally a little traffic (like me) also good use MyISA Read More.

It's exam week again, it's nplive again

Last year's exam week because to live late autumn songs will be poured out for several days, when the new version of the service selected is Adobe Media Service, this thing, is cattle forced, but, have to buy, take the online key activated, very chicken ribs. So last autumn in order to stabilize, the old set of Microsoft MMS is not abandoned, the scene is still pushed to MMS, and then in the engine room to get a notebook open MMS video and then screen capture and then push to AMS …

This year's graduation party, took a live job, but also exam week… Every exam nplive… This time it can't be the wa Read More.

A solution for browser playback of hls video streams

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), Apple's dynamic code rate adaptation technology. Mainly used in PC and Apple terminal audio and video services. Includes an m3u(8) index file, TS media fragmentation file, and key encrypted string file.

Hls streams on non-Apple PCs with only Microsoft's Edge support, but support on all three mobile platforms is good, so many PC browsers, such as chrome, need to be coded with flash before playing back to the user. In nplive, a powerful jwplayer (a cracked version was found from iptv, thanks again to Network Center) was selected, called through js.

Here, because flash has cross-domain restrictions on accessing objects, flash will not be able to access the target resource if crosssdomain.xml access to the target root does not allow that access source or if there is no crosssdomain.xml, so crosdomain.xml needs to be deployed at the root of each push server and allow access to the source of the .bitnp.net. Read More.

nginx upstream load balancing

The core is upstream

1. Polling (default)
Each request is assigned to a different back-end server in chronological order and can be automatically culled if the back-end server is down.

2, weight
Specifies the

polling odds, weight, and access ratios, which are used for back-end server performance in une.d.
For example:
upstream bakend . . .
    server weight=1

0; Read More.

nginx-rtmp-moudle installation and configuration

Github: https://github.com/arut/nginx-rtmp-module
This project hasn't been updated for a long time, but there's nothing wrong with basic usage, and there's going to be a little bug on the pro-test nginx 1.10.1
Here's another update to a project

that has recently been updated https://github.com/sergey-dryabzhinsky/nginx-rtmp-module

1. Install the dependency package

install -y gcc gcc-c
yum install -y openssl-devel pcre-devel zlib-devel
yum insta

ll git

Since the yum source was

previously deleted all only to retain the system update of the North Liy

uan, here is the best network installation of EPEL to facilitate the installation of some software, the school source is available
yum install epel-release

This involves using shell to log on to the campus network, you can read the blog shell login campus network

2. Install compilation with nginx
cd /usr/local/
wget http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.10.1.tar.gz
tar -zvxf nginx-1.10.1.tar.gz
git clone git://github.com/sergey-dryabzhinsky/nginx-rtmp-module.git
git clone git://github.com

cd nginx-1.10.1
./ configure –add-module. /nginx-rtmp-module-add-module= /nginx-upstream-fa Read More.

Modify the CenterOS yum source to be the North Liyuan source

As a representative of advanced productivity, CentOS is a system used by most enterprises that can be upgraded and installed using the yum source, and is posted here as a mirro

r image http://mirror.bit.ed

u.cn for on-campus access (

in this regard, a compliment to the network center)


Enter /etc/yum.repos.d/
cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

2. Back up all repo files i

n the director Read More.

Write something to commemorate the completion of the blog decoration

Always want to make the blog look a little better, has not squeezed out time to do a good time.

While there is still some time to go before the next exam, it took nearly 3 days to create a satisfactory interface.

WordPress, the least lack of themes and plug-ins of an open source program, but I do not know whether Baidu is too silly or Google do not understand me, turned over nearly a hundred pages to try dozens of can not find a satisfactory. Later do not know where to see a sentence – "good themes are their own slowly changed out." So I started a three-d Read More.

Enable the new domain name JackH.cn

Godaddy's domain name in the past compared to the domestic what wannet new network, but also cheap and not so a lot of messy authentication, but also the world's largest domain name, so decisively chose Godaddy. And now, the price of wannet new network is no longer high, and Chinese do to Chinese to see the site or should follow the domestic process, CDN, Baidu Alliance and so on these things need to file number, so … All the domain names under Godaddy were transferred back to Wannet, and another jackh.cn was registered.

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